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recent work  /  june 2013 to present .    

"Wrestling with Modernism" 6.24.2015  mixed media on stretched canvas  30"x40"
#112  10.18.2014 oil on canvas  24"x24".
"Bethlehem Nightscape" 12.29.2014 mixed media on stretched canvas, 48"x48"
"The Golden Fish is Caught up in the Net" 6.28.2015 acrylic on canvas 24"x30"
"clockwork tangerine"                                09.2015  acrylic on canvas, 24"x30"
"heart of starksboro"                                           06.26.2015 acrylic on canvas
"welcome home"                                                                   07.01.2015  mixed media on canvas
music by erik kaarla <> & billybob
"winter solstice, bristol, vt, 1915"                                                  12.22.2015 oil/enamel on canvas 30" x 40"
​"judy (dunn) in the moonlight"          march 2016, enamel on canvas 18" x 18"
    "Welcome to New Burlington"                                                             spray enamel and collage on canvas. 36" x 36"
"The Sky Opened over Amarillo"           spray paint on canvas    24" x 24"       
"Spooky Action at a Distance"               spray paint on canvas      36" x 36"
"Navajo Trail"                                     spray paint on canvas 36" x 36"
"Eastward at Dawn"                                   spray paint on canvas 24" x 24"
"Night of Snowy Whispers                           spray enamel on canvas board 16" x 20"
"Folding Space"                                                  spray enamel on canvas 24" x 24"
"City Beach"                                                      spray enamel on canvas  24" x  24"
"Stick Season"                                                          spray enamel and acrylic on canvas   18" x 24"
"Jacob's Ladder"                          spray and metallic paints on canvas . 24" x 24"